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Learning JavaScript

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A question that we get on a regular basis is, where can I learn more about writing rules with the JavaScript language?


The "horse's mouth" for the version of JavaScript that's embedded into FusionPro is the Core JavaScript 1.5 Reference, and the accompanying Core JavaScript 1.5 Guide, both of which can be found here:




(Make sure you're looking at the 1.5 doc.)


These are some useful mirrors of the same documentation:



There are other mirrors that you can find with Google, as well as tons of tutorials and other resources. The comp.lang.javascript newsgroup can also be a great resource:


However, be aware that much of the discussion on the newsgroup (and many online tutorials) is about web-specific code, not just the "core" language, and some versions of JavaScript may work a bit differently than our 1.5 version. But the newsgroup is the best place for questions about advanced topics like regular expressions.

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