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6.0P1f Mac - Software Features Missing/Errors


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Hello All, My installation of Fusion is missing the fuction to be able to zoom the view (the plus/minus buttons) in the Text Edit Window.


The rule wizard is also not functioning properly. I'm trying to complet the simple rules tutorial when creating the statement "If Numeric Value of This Month is Greater than" (there is supposed to be a blank here, none exists) "Then Return_________" (there is a blank here).


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Hello Anthony,


The zoom capability in the variable text editor is not currently available on the Mac version of FusionPro Desktop. An underlying 3rd party app that is used for the variable text editor does not support zoom for the Mac.


We are aware of the need for this functionality and will be evaluating options to offer it (including possible complete replacement of the variable text editor with a new underlying technology).


Regarding the issue with the missing elements in the drag-drop rule editor, this is a bug which we have addressed internally. The next release of the 6.x product suite will include a fix for this (allowing horizontal scroll and window re-size in that dialog).

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