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Calling out the Designers!

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One of my responsibilities will be having me spend a lot of time designing aesthetically appealing storefronts. The "custom P1 copy" is proving to be limited for layout opportunities.


In training I was told over and over, in the context of designing storefronts, that the only limitations where my skills at html and css. There apparently has been a recent change in policy that contradicts that statement.


I am hoping to come into contact with some senior users experienced in designing and have specific knowledge in creative solutions around these limitations.


For example, I need access to the footer to ad a curved graphic to the bottom alignment.

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I've found it rather limiting too. However, I have found a few things to add some flexibility in designing storefronts.


You won't be able to do away with the square format but with some well placed images you can soften it up a bit.


Creating a logo/banner-head for the top (uploaded in the "advance options" page) that works with your background color or has rounded corners and make the page look more seamless.


You can also put html code in the custom P1 copy areas, even to the point of adding tables, images and changing font formats and colors. I like to place an image in the "Home Page Copy" area that is designed rather than just put in copy. I use html to insert the image. The main thing with doing this is the code has to call to the image living on our server.


I have also done this with images for backgrounds rather than just a color. An issue with this is tiling that can happen due to different screen resolutions.


Basically if you can do it in simple html, you can do it in the custom p1 copy areas. I use my training store to test how things will look before using them on a real store. There are some things that there just doesn't seem to be a way around though.:(


I have attached a screenshot of an example of a image in the Home Page Copy and a rounded corner logo across the top.


Hope this helps some.


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Hello John,


For the footer, you do have an ability to override the line that has the Store name, address, etc. This custom footer text can be specified in the Manager under Options -> Custom P1 Copy. There's a section for "Footer Copy" in the "Copy" tab in that screen. You can also supply HTML there if you would like (with a simple   if you want nothing to appear in the footer).


Hope this helps.

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Hi John,


My question relating to the storefront is how did you remove the "Information" box that surrounds the html entered in the P1 section?


A second question relates to editing the color of the rule lines within the catalog section. On the final page, (Home » Catalog » Stationary » Business Cards » Business Card), I have "Product Information" with a blue rule line below it however, I've changed every selection from "custom colors" to eliminate blue from the design. Can the line be changed to another color.?


Appreciate the help!

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