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A rule to select one of several overflow pages


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Can a rule be constructed to select one of several overflow pages depending on value of a variable?


I am creating a template from which documents will be produced having one or more pages - depending on the amount of text in the instance. The last page (and only the last page) will contain a footer block of text. If there is only one page, the first page will contain that block.


I created 2 body pages - one with and another without the footer and set them to be "unused" in the "Page Usage" interface. I created an OnRecordStart rule that measures the amount of text in the instance and turns on either the with_footer or without_footer page - depending on the number of lines the text occupies. This part is working fine. However, I do not know how to define the overflow logic as there can be a variable number of overflow pages and the last overflow page will be different from preceding ones pages because it will have the footer block.


Is it possible to program the described functionality with FusionPro 5.8.x?


FP 5.8.x on Windows 2003.

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