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Output to multiple files and record selection

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I am currently running FusionPro Creator v13.0.2 and need help trying to compose multiple files from a single data file. My previous version of FusionPro allowed me to select records that I wanted to compose, whether All, or a range from 1-200 for example. I have not found that ability in this new version, unless it’s been buried in a different menu. Currently the input menu only allows me to select a single record at a time. I have assigned a data file with 4,307 records and each time I compose it is only merging the first record of the data file. Furthermore, the option to “Output to Multiple Files” is grayed out and I can’t find how to make it available. I need each of those records to output to its own file. Can someone please provide some insight as to how to get this functionality back? Thank you.

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Hello Tisha, you must have a Designer license.  Designer comes with FP Server or Producer (or with a subscription service like MarcomCentral portal.)

Did your company perhaps upgrade a set of Creator licenses to a Producer license? In that case, you would compose locally to just one record to approve your design, and send to Producer or Server for composition.

If you want, you can email your serial number and company name to FusionProSupport@marcom.com and we can check it and see what the status is.

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