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Type size limit and Large documents

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Hello Everyone and Thanks.


I'm needing to build some templates for very large POP signs that have some large variable text. Have a lot of original static documents that are built at this large size in InDesign, that need to be converted to templates:


42"x68" with variable text at: 1296, 837, 524, 200, & 121 pts.


Exporting as a template out of InDesign, I find that attempting to preview the variable text in Acrobat with Fusion yields empty dotted outlined text boxes (no overflow indicators).


Could my problem be from hitting the "text ceiling" in Fusion Pro?

If so can anyone inform me of this "type limit"?


Looks like I'll be forced to scale down these documents when creating templates.


Thanks, I searched the manual and the forum but didn't find anything listing the specs.

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