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Duplexing a form


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I need some help please. I have a client that has nine originals, two sided. The file has a trigger field of SOURCE. There are nine PDF files that have the static information for FRONT and BACK pages.


After searching this forum, I'm just confused as how to set this up!


I have a run over just over 12,000 pcs. Obviously, when FP reads in SOURCE = OCP, I want (or hope!) that FP will go and grab PDF file OCP.PDF and merge FRONT (along with endorsement line, barcode, name, address, etc.) and then put the second page of OCP.PDF immediately behind this.


If this topic has been discussed, please just post the link and I'll go and read about it.


As you can tell, we're new. I'm sure this will handle what I want to throw at it, I'm just not certain how best to go about it.





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I think one solution that would work is similar to Lisa's in this thread. Merge the 9 2-page documents into a single PDF, name pages in FusionPro to match naming convention in Field("SOURCE") and set all to unused. Set up your variable elements on all 9 versions and compose after adding the JavaScript rules in the linked thread above (adjusted for your data).
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