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Do you offer email marketing services?


Do you offer email marketing services to your customers?  

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  1. 1. Do you offer email marketing services to your customers?

    • Yes - We currently offer this service and use it as as part of cross-media campaigns
    • No - But we are looking to offer this in the next 6 months
    • No - But we are considering offering this more than 6 months from now
    • No - We have no plans to offer email marketing services to our customers

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Hi all,


In looking to further solidify client relationships, many traditional Print Service Providers have looked to expand their service offerings beyond print. With enterprise marketing folks looking to decrease costs, alternative channels to reach customers and prospects have seen some impressive growth in the past 12-24 months.


A continued hot-growth area is the use of email marketing which, in many cases, is supplanting print campaigns due largely to the low cost of delivery. Printable has been following this trend closely and would like to see what plans our customers have regarding offering email marketing services to your clients.


Please feel free to reply to this thread with your own thoughts and observations about email marketing, the shift of some away from print marketing towards email, and your plans regarding offering this to your customers.

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We do offer this service on a limited basis, usually in conjunction with printed materials and PURLs, but there is some concern surrounding SPAM rules. As a provider, we are essentially trusting that the email list provided includes solicited names only, and run the risk of having our email servers placed on blacklist(s) should recipients take offense to our clients' marketing approach. We would consider this an emerging technology until we can develop protocols to keep us safe.
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Thanks for the votes on this poll, everyone.


Curious as to what type of solution you are using to send email. Are these in-house solutions where you have the software/hardware and perform the sends? Are they hosted solutions where you go to a site and send the email and that service sends them for you?

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