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Variable Text Boxes Layered

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Hi all,

This one is hard to explain. Everything looks fine till final output. Then the original variable text boxes from Indesign are underneath the variable data text boxes from Fusion Pro. This happened after several rounds of corrections to the Indesign file and re-outputting the pdf to Acrobat.

I've gone as far as deleting all the Pdf and definition files, removing all the variable definitions in Indesign, closing the program, opening the file and redefining the text boxes and making a new Pdf file, redoing all my rules and variable data in Fusion Pro and outputting new final files, but this had no effect.

Anybody else run across this?


Using FP 5.8 on Intel Mac OS 10.5.6. Indesign CS3, Acrobat 8.

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Although I wasn't able to find the cause, I found a workaround. I went into the FP Pdf before composing and with Pitstop found the offending type underneath the variable text boxes. I was able to delete the type and now all is good.


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Has this problem been figured out?


A simple example, I have a ticket we are numbering - I have Variable Boxes setup with «Set1», «Set2», «Set3», «Set4» typed in them. Open it in fusion pro - link all the right fields to the boxes. Preview the document - it looks fine - but once I compose it to a PDF - it has the Variable information I want "No. 0145" for instance + right underneath it the original text from the variable text box «Set1» so it looks all jumbled.


My setup that I have this issue in is InDesign CS4 (6.0.4), Mac OS/X 10.5.8, 2 x 2.26 Quad Core Intel Xeon Processor, FusionPro v6.0P1.F - I'm downloading the latest right now to see if this will solve the problem.

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