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Generating 2D Barcodes


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If you are looking for information about how to use 2D barcodes, see the "Creating a 2D Barcode" section of the Advanced Features video tutorial:




FusionPro VDP products do include the fonts and algorithms to generate Datamatrix and PDF417 2D barcodes. The algorithm is run during the composition of the document and is referred to in a JS rule.



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Hi Mark, I am hoping you can help me out. I have created a 2D Barcode using a script posted by one of the users here on the forum. I am trying to resize the barcodes x size. I need to generate a 2D Barcode that is matrix 16x48 and matrix 18x18. The IDAutomation website shows that there is a format number that controls the size of the barcode. However I do not know what part of this script controls this function. I have posted the script below.


/*dataForBarcode = Field("account_num");


dmBarcodeObj = new DataMatrixBarcode('', '', '', '', '', '');


markupData = dmBarcodeObj.Make(dataForBarcode);


return markupData;




dataForBarcode = Field("memid");


dmBarcodeObj = new DataMatrixBarcode('', '', '');


dmBarcodeObj.pointSize = 4;


dmBarcodeObj.encodingMode = "BASE256";


markupData = dmBarcodeObj.Make(dataForBarcode);


return markupData;


Any help would be appreciated.




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