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Remove digits to make Barcode


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I need to make a USP-A Barcode, but the data file has 2 extra digits at the end.

How do I set a Rule to remove those digits at the same time making the USP-A Barcode and what font to be used?

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The easiest method is probably to use the USPA Barcode Rule built into FP. Select your field(s) for creating the code and use the default font, AdvFIM, then click the "Convert to JavaScript" button. Edit the second to last line which reads:

final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(MakeUPCABarcode(retstr)) + '</span>';

to instead read:

final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(MakeUPCABarcode(Left(retstr,11))) + '</span>';

I added the "Left" function to trim the final variable to 11 digits -- the default number of digits for a valid UPCA barcode (the MakeUPCABarcode rule generates the 12th check digit).

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