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Different Font Size & Tracking for Numbers & Letters

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I found the following code in the forums and it has been a big help! Makes numbers and letters different font sizes.


return Field("Location").replace(/\d+/g,"<z newsize=\"6.1\">$&<z newsize=\"7.0\">");


Now we need to add font tracking to the mix. For example: numbers set to 6.1 pt and tracking at 2%, letters set to 7.0 pt and tracking 4%.


Is there a way to do this or an I doomed to tagging a lot of addresses?



Dave Miller

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I'm not great with regular expressions such as the one being used here, but I believe you can just add the tracking tags in the strings before and after the regular expression match (dollar-ampersand) like this:


return Field("Location").replace(/\d+/g,"<z newsize=\"6.1\"><tracking newsize=\"2\">$&<z newsize=\"7.0\"><tracking newsize=\"4\">");

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That seemed to work great. YOU saved me a LOT of time. Seriously!


Starting to get it... here is what if wound up using...


if (Field("Location")=="No Location")


else if (Field("Location")=="Chicago Office")

LocationAddress='227 West Monroe Street Chicago, Illinois 606066-5096'

//blah blah blah more -else if- statements for Location variables

else LocationAddress="";


return LocationAddress.replace(/\d+/g,"<z newsize=\"6.1\"><tracking newsize=\"2\">$&<z newsize=\"7.0\"><tracking newsize=\"4\">");



Dave Miller

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