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I have a question about the Mother Child function


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A customer wants to choose one option from a picklist. The next dropdown that comes up populates depending from the first picklist with options, is this manageable? Next step the customer want the second dropdown to populate singleline text-fields with information on the product itself.


Is this possible to do? Is there maybe a workaround instead of this option?

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The parent/child capability in the Define HTML Form dialog (aka "Web DataCollect"), does not allow for this at this time. Child elements are only allowed to be single-line text entry fields (rather than an additional pick list).


A possible workaround is to enhance the web application that receives the HTML form data and allow the user in that interface to specify that they want a drop-down for one of the children and then have that second drop-down populate sub-children text fields.


FYI - for those of you reading this that may be asking "what is this Define HTML form feature and when do I use it", this is an interface that allows the Desktop user to specify some elements of a data collection form for the template if it is to be uploaded to a FusionPro Server enabled Web to Print offering. Some FusionPro Server customers utilize this capability for their custom Web to Print solutions as do some Printable partners that have integrated our VDP technology into their offering.


This capability is not currently supported in FusionPro Web (where the FusionPro Web Manager interface is used to specify the versioned form).

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