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It may. I've been away from Printable for a while. I am currently using a Zingbat font in the variable text editor and checking the "suppress if containing empty variables" box. But I didn't know how well that would work in the storefront.

Also, I have 21 boxes with the same issue and was hoping to create a var statement that would work for all of them. I'm not too good at Javascipt. Any ideas?

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If you have your fields being placed on their own lines and want the bullet to appear or not before that field - only if there is a value - then the "suppress if containing empty variables" option might be the easiest. If I understand your design, this will not require any JavaScript.


Note that suppress if empty will not only suppress the bullet but also the line that this was to appear on. So, if you have 5 bullet items each on their own line and items 2 and 3 do not have field values but the other 3 items do, the suppress-if option will not display items 2 and 3 nor will it show the space where they items were placed. Your bullet list will then have items 1, 4, 5 one after another with no space.


If you want to maintain the space, then go the JS route that was listed above (bullet will not appear if there is no field but the space for that line will still be there).


Once you get the output to appear as you expect in FusionPro Desktop, it should work the exact same way in FP Web.



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