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"Low-Resolution Proof" message across customer's proof


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Hi, I need some help. Maybe someone can give me some advice or work-arounds.

We have templates when we use both versioned data and static data as a background. We'd like that when our clients see their online proof the message "Low-res proof only" appears across that proof (which they can download, anyway). But when the job composed for press - this message of course should not appear...


I currently have about 140 templates, most of them created still in FP3 and unfortunately rebuilding them and adding static frame with required message (shutdown during press imposition) is not an option...


P.S. I remember that in FP2 there were 2 "static" layer that can be switched-off independently during press imposition if needed.



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Hello Mike,


The ability to add a preview-only watermark to versioned/variable items is possible today but requires modification to your templates as well as some assistance from your CPM. Template modification unfortunately doesn't sound like an option for you.


We've actually recently been speaking internally about an enhancement that would very easily allow Manager users to apply custom watermarks to previews. I'll speak with the team about this a bit more and see about scheduling it for a release.


Are there any other users out there that would find a watermark for preview feature in FusionPro Web useful?

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Hi Mark,


Absolutely!! This is something we would love to see and have been wanting to see for a very long time. It would be great if this was added as an enhancement somewhere down the road - even if it meant doing some additional work to our existing templates.

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