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Listing 27 items, ability to select and price each

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My customer needs to have their stationary "tabs" set up. They currently have 27 tabs with a bank of 3, each having their own static name.


What I need is to build 3 separate columns on the page with 9 rows of tabs. So, this would be a static page of 27 items, and 3 columns.


Now, the customer would like the ability to select individual tabs from the list for each order. After selecting the tabs, there needs to be a quantity box beside each tab. When finished and they click submit, all the tabs would then have be totaled up for a minimum quantity of 750. If they do not reach this total, then there needs to be warning to add more.


Is there a way to build this with Fusion pro desktop and Fusion pro web?

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I've been trying to build this through the PrintOne manager with no luck, a previous post here entitled 'Creating pads with columns of sequenced numbers' inspired the idea to try java script.


It would be easy to set up the 3 static columns of 27 names, but is there a way so the person ordering can select individual items. Selecting items with either a radio button or a check mark would be perfect.


Then it needs to have an empty box beside each item, the user would enter the qty for each item in the box.

When submitting the job, items totaled up at the bottom with a minimum qty of 750.


Can this be built with java script? Would this have to be a paid custom job of some kind?

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I think I understand the problem better... I'm not to familiar with PrintOne, so I'm not the best guy to answer this. The behind the scenes java for this shouldn't be too difficult, but, unfortunately, I'm not sure how to make the check boxes/ radio buttons.
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Well lets say we build the java script with just the quantity boxs (no check box or radio button).

That way if they place a qty in a box, then that would be the indication of the order they want.


For example, they only need items (tab) 1, 5 and 6.


Tab 1 - qty: 100

Tab 2 - qty:

Tab 3 - qty:

Tab 4 - qty:

Tab 5 - qty: 400

Tab 6 - qty: 200

Tab 7 - qty:

Tab 8 - qty:

Tab 9 - qty:


Total items - 700

Warning - need 50 more for a minumum 750 order -

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Ok, in that case, I would make an array of tabs, and set all initial quantities to 0. The attach a function that Sums the entire array and only submits an order if it is 750 or greater. If not, it would display some message to the effect "Order must be at least 750"
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