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Using a "Controller" in a JS Rule


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Hi all,


I have a template that includes an optional bulleted list. The bullet my client has used in their design looks like this: ">>" I am able to achieve this character in the Helvetica font by holding down the ALT key and selecting a lowercase "q".


Because the bullet is optional, AND a different color than the text that precedes it I need to write a rule that will return this character. Obviously if I write my JS rule to return "Helvetica" and then the letter q, this isn't going to work. Can I include a controller (in this case "ALT") in my rule? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this? Zapf Dingbats and Wingdings don't contain a character even remotely close to this one.


Thanks in advance!!

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Hello Lisa,


You can refer to the ASCII code for that character and use the FusionPro Chr() function to return that character.


I looked up this character in Helvetica on my WinXP machine and it looks like ASCII code 187. The following simple rule returned that character for me:


return Chr(187);

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