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Sequential in Ranges

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I'm trying to create ticket covers that will print what ticket numbers are in each book. Each book has 7 tickets. Ex. book 1.(815255 TO 815261) book 2. (815262 TO 815268) book 3. (815269 TO 815275) and so on. I know how to use the numbering rule, but I need to skip the numbers in between. I found this on another post but don't know how to apply a specific start number and in increments of 7.


return FormatNumber("000000", (CurrentRecordNumber() - 1) * 100 + 1) + "-" + FormatNumber("000000", CurrentRecordNumber() * 100);

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This might help break it down for you:


var start_number = 815255;
var increment = 7;

var crn = CurrentRecordNumber() -1;
var set_start = start_number +crn +(crn * increment);
var set_end = set_start + increment;

return  set_start + "-" + set_end;

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Simplified the code a little bit so it's easier to understand
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