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Possible Bug ... imposition chop-cut


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I was doing an imposition of a 6x4 label and discovered something very odd about the imposition feature listed as "discard space and bleed" ... in other words removing the center bleed values to create a chop-cut through matching solid colors.


When I only did one sheet the imposition worked correctly, however when I did more than one sheet the imposition varied certain values of the outside bleed in addition to the inside bleed. It was different for each sheet of output.


I've attached the template that I used. The "variable data" portions were removed and the data file was set to none to protect the client data but the affect was still the same regardless.


I've also included a folder of the output files. The file entitled with the suffix of "04" was only four records being processed and the output looks correct. The file entitled with the suffix "12" was the first twelve records being processed which yielded three imposed sheets and the output is incorrect.


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Using the newest FPImposer for the Mac, I can't even select the "discard space and bleed" feature anymore. It shows for a second then disappears before I can click on anything.


It would be nice in a future release to have a "Best Fit" option as well as better control of the Gutters and Gaps. Also, a "Bleed Outside of Signature" check box would be great.

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