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Marcom Store Template Help


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Hello All,



I'm looking for some help that is utterly basic. I went through the store training in 2010 and created maybe 5 projects right away and then haven't touched it again since. There were 2 other people in the office that handled this but neither are currently available for different reasons. Anyways, we have a client that wants to see a demo of a very basic 10 page, 4x6 single sided print job. Each page would be a picture uploaded by the user. So the template would need to have a rule for each page that ties out to an uploaded picture. I'm hoping someone can upload a starting point for me of 1 page with the rule as the store would need it. I can then replicate out the other 9 pages.




I'm going to pour over the forums in the meantime to see if I can relearn the process.

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