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Changing superscript ration enlarges variable text


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Hi there,


Using FusionPro VDP Designer on Mac (11.0.9), I'm running into an issue where, if I change the superscript ratio from the default (in this case I am changing it to 58%), all of the text in my text box enlarges (though the font size remains the same).


I've uploaded two screenshots showing before the superscript change, and after. Note the positioning of the text in relation to the horizontal guides. Both are set to 7pt, but the one with the superscript ratio changed appears larger.


I had a colleague test this on their PC version of FusionPro, with the same file, and they did not encounter the same issue. Is this a Mac bug? Please advise, thank you!




EDIT: Apologies, the title should say "ratio", not "ration".



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Hi there,


I actually did a little more testing and realized the issue is not actually related to the superscript, but the text editor window itself. When I go into the editor, the font size displays 7pt, when it should be 6.5pt. I can change it to 6.5pt and save, but if I go back into the editor, it changes to 7pt again. Is there an issue with non-whole point sizes in the Mac version of FusionPro?





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