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Using Copyfit when two different font sizes are used on the same line


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Hi everyone.


I'm currently working on a project which includes a panel for a monogram.

The font the client is using is a serif font. The middle initial (which is the initial for the last

name) is larger than the other two. I have a rule set up already so

that we automatically pull the initial based on what the user enters for

First, Middle, and Last Name. My problem is that because all the

letters in the alphabet for this font are different widths,they never look centered within my text box.

Also, the amount of space between letters is always different. And, there are times where all the

initials are just too wide to fit within the space provided. I'm trying

to do two things:


1. See if there is a way to create a rule that can somehow adjust

the spacing between each letter so that it's always equal.

2. See if there is a way to also apply a copyfit rule keeping in

mind that the middle initial is larger than the other two initials.


I haven't been successful in trying to get the client to change the font selection. I'm desperate!


Any suggestions???

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Lisa- A couple of suggestions depending on what software you have and how fast you need to get the job done:


-Use font software to make all the letters fit in the same place (effectively build a new font)


-Save The entire alphabet as 26 different EPS's (using something like Illustrator you can type in each letter and scale and center as needed) then write a rule to pull in the image of the letter rather than use a font. (I'd recommend this solution as I've done it many times) Depending on the job, you may have to make a small and a large alphabet of images and use those. This sounds tedious, but has great results.


- Use Three text boxes in a row, one for each initial. The left box will be justified right, the center center justified, and the right box left justified. Center the boxes as you need...


let me know if you need help with any of these ideas.

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