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Forum Rules: Please Read


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The following rules are to ensure everyone has a splendid ol' time in our Printable Community.


Please read the following; signing up here constitutes your agreement to the following:


  1. Spam is morally reprehensible: Spamming unsolicited advertisements anywhere in these forums will get you banned. Additionally, your next three reincarnations will be pretty nasty.
  2. No name calling, personal attacks, publicly questioning the species from which another member came. We're all friends!
  3. While we're sure that your competitor is indeed a foul-mouthed pirate whose sole existence is predicated on the basis of scamming his own mother, please don't call him by name. It's called outing and it's a no-no.
  4. Having a school-yard spat with another member? Remember that the <Del> key is all-powerful, as is the passive-aggressive tactic of ignoring them. If they just won't go away, send a message to the admin.
  5. Feel free to give your Social Security Number, email address, home phone number and other personally identifying information to complete strangers on the internet who want to send you millions of dollars for helping them sneak money out of their country after the collapse of their monarchy, but we'd prefer it if you didn't post it here. kthx.
  6. People will be reading these forums during office hours and from their work computers. Please do not upload or attach pictures that are NSFW (Not Safe for Work). The thread will be locked, hidden, and the member may have to enjoy their next life as a dung beetle.
  7. You can have your own avitar (that cool picture that is beside your name). See #6, please.
  8. Please respect ALL copyrighted items. This includes pictures and articles. If you want to quote parts of an article or refer to one, post just the first couple of lines and add a link to the article instead. Violation of copyright will result in the thread being locked, hidden, and... well, you know.
  9. Further to #8: Please observe the law. Do not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any illegal activities. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are also expressly forbidden. [insert threat of dung beetle reincarnation here]
  10. Decisions to lock or hide a thread are final. Sorry folks, but we have to allow the moderators a little bit of unchecked power for them to wield over the masses.
  11. DO NOT SHOUT IN THREAD TITLES. Seriously, it lacks class.
  12. Stay on topic, please. It's possible that we'd be impressed by your ability to take the original thread topic about the merits of VDP and spin it to talk about the proper pronounciation of pirate noises, but it's disrespectful to the OP (original poster).
  13. Swear words (even cleverly disguised swear words) cannot be used in thread titles. Remember, keep it work safe!
  14. Newbies, noobs, n00bs... we have all been a newbie at one time or another. Treat them with kindness.
  15. Critiquing poster's grammer or spleling ain't right.
  16. Post it once, please. Regardless of how important it is to you, multiple threads about the same topic just take up space and will be deleted.
  17. Please keep religious debates (my RIP is better than your RIP) to a dull roar in the Off Topic forum.

These rules may be expanded and edited as time goes on, but the intent and the spirit should be clear: let's have fun and keep it respectful.

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