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Using External Data File with HTML Product


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This is more of a general coding question, but it is MarcomCentral related, so hopefully a guru can help me.


I am creating an email signature template with the HTML product on MarcomCentral. For FusionPro templates I use a Google Sheets file as an external data file to auto populate address information based on the location that is chosen.


The goal is to do that same with the email signature template. I've Googled and researched, but haven't found an ideal way of making this happen using pure JavaScript & HTML. Most of my JavaScript knowledge is FusionPro based with some website experience, plus I think I may need to use another programming language like PHP or something to handle the database connection.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone with experience with external data files, either with the HTML product or in a website environment, could point me in the right direction.

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