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Adobe CS4 - poll closed


When do you plan on buying CS4?  

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  1. 1. When do you plan on buying CS4?

    • Our high GQ (geek quotient) required us to buy it already
    • Like the other cool kids, sometime before the end of 2008
    • First half of 2009 (after the requisite patch that you know is coming)
    • Second half of 2009 - around the time they probably announce CS5
    • The exact, precise moment that FusionPro supports it
    • Never: Our DOS 6.22-based systems don't support it anyway
    • Dunno

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Hi all


If you have a moment, please let us know your thoughts about you intentions to upgrade to CS4 in the above poll. I give to you my "Product Management oath" that your feedback will weight heavily in our roadmap discussions around supporting InDesign CS4 and Acrobat 9. :)


Thanks in advance!

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Given that Acrobat 9 has been out there for quite a while, you must already have a support plan/release date. With compatability updates from Enfocus and Quite, and now with the release of CS4, Printable is holding me back from taking advantage of the many preflight and prepress improvements in Acrobat 9.


So when will we see Fusion Pro Desktop work in Acrobat 9?






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I couldn't agree more. Printable drags their feet with every upgrade release. This creates such a headache for us espeically when we open new locations and their only option is to purchase CS4. Quite and Enfocus don't seem to have a problem so I don't understand what the hangup is.
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Hi all,


We understand the urgent need for both InDesign CS4 and Acrobat 9 support and our development team is currently working on supporting these applications. As soon as we have information on the availability of support for these applications, we'll surely post information to this forum.


Each release of Acrobat and InDesign presents its own challenges for plug-in creators such as Printable. Changes to the APIs that the plug-in must utilize as well as wider changes to the environment such as Apple has made in recent times with their latest OS's often involves considerable code re-write on our part.


Once Adobe released InDesign CS4 in late September of this year (link), our team was able to work with this software and it's API to evaluate the level of effort to support it with the FusionPro Desktop application. Coupled with enhancements and patches to our other products (Server, Direct, Web, Links) and customer commitments we have been meeting, we've have made InDesign CS4/Acrobat 9 support a high priority since it was released.


We expect to announce support for these applications very soon so please stay tuned! Thanks all.

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As Adobe Service Providers, we get the latest versions directly from Adobe as soon as they are released. (Earlier, if you count the beta versions, as well) Most of our clients are high "Geek Quotient" types, and make us have to stay up-to-date on every piece of software we support.


Since we are new to the FusionPro fold, imagine my dismay to discover that the software we are just now getting ready to integrate into our workflow won't play nice with the CS4 suite we've been using for the last few months already.


Consider this our vote to encourage a hasty update to the plug-ins.


Now where did we put those old, dusty CS3 disks....

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Hi all,


We wanted to thank everyone that took part in this poll.


In case you haven't heard, I'm happy to report (drum-roll, please) that Printable will be supporting both Acrobat 9 and InDesign CS4 in the next major release of the FusionPro VDP suite - FusionPro VDP 6.0!


We haven't announced any other details of the 6.0 release publicly yet, but there are a number of POWERFUL new features that will be included so stay tuned to the forums for more details. From what we've been hearing from customers these past couple months as well as reading here in the user forums, we expect the VDP 6.0 feature-set to be very well received.


As for the release timeframe on 6.0, I can say that we are now measuring this in WEEKS, so it's just around the corner...


Meanwhile, the VDP team is also continuing work on addressing issues discovered in the FusionPro 5.8 for Mac release. These issues stem from a 3rd party component that is part of the FusionPro VDP engine itself. We have been working closely with the vendor of this component as well as re-working select parts of the underlying FusionPro VDP infrastructure that talks to this component.


We've been making good progress with this 5.8 Mac work and our QA team continues to focus on testing around the areas of the product where this 3rd party component is utilized. This is all to ensure that when 5.8 for Mac is released, it will be of acceptable high-quality for our customers.


So, you read it right - we will be releasing 5.8 for Mac to meet our VDP 5.x customer commitments as well as releasing FusionPro VDP 6.0 to address the Acrobat 9/InDesign CS4 need and all of this is expected to happen in a matter of weeks...


Hope you all are looking forward to these 2 releases as much as we are! We'll share more details soon...

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