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ExternalDataFile tio build a page


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Hi friends,

as I never built any template using an External File, I need some assistance...

I have a simple XLSX file with a “product reference“ as first column, and other columns are the “description“, "Brand“ and “Price“.

Attached is a screenshot from the Excel file.

What I need to build is a template where, in MarcomCentral Portal, the final user will type the “Product reference“ in a field, and compose the document. The template may of course get the values from the external file.


Looks simple :)

And Ii suppose it is not so hard to build...


If someone can help, very appreciated.


All the best


MacOS 10.14.3

FusionPro 10.0.26

AcrobatPro 10.1.16

screenshot2019-03-12 11.39.11.pdf

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