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Graphics Frame Positioning


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Issue: I can't get a variable graphics frame to position behind a layer in the PDF document.


My customer has some artwork in a PDF that overlays part of a photo. They would like that photo to be variable. No problem. I created a variable graphics frame and a rule to insert a picture based on a data field. Works perfect. Problem is...No matter what I do, the picture rides on top of the PDF artwork layer. Is there any way to get the FusionPro frame to position itself behind the PDF layer?

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The PDF is the background of the file. There isn't a way to position a frame behind the base PDF. The work around to this is to create a graphic frame the size of your PDF or break up the PDF and just use the element that you want to overlay the image. Insert the PDF or overlay element into that frame. That way you can put the image frame behind the overlay frame. The overlay will need to have transparency to see the frames behind it.


Base PDF Background

Variable Image frame

PDF overlay frame



If you need more explanation, can you upload a file so I can be a bit more specific.

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If you use PitStop as your PDF editor you can use the 'Inspector' tool. Select the image(s) --->Fill and Stroke ---> Transparency. Set Blending to 'Multiply'. You can also set the 'transparency' value. Of course, in FusionPro, the graphic frame containing the PDF with transparency has to be layered above the elements that you want to 'Multiply' over.
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