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inserting searchable error phrase


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I am trying to ensure that no matter the amount variable tagged text elements we have, that we can search the output for missing variables from the data.


I know I would have to do something along the lines of the following JS for each variable we use, but I am hoping I can do this in the OnRecordStart rule and it will work in the individual text rules that already exist outside of the ORS.


var greetingText = '<span color="' + Greet_color + '" font="' + Greet_font + '" pointsize="' + Greet_size + '">';

//Inserting Empty Field! when data is absent
if (Field("Greeting") == "")
   greetingText += "Empty Field!" + '</span>';
   greetingText += Field("Salutation") + " " + Trim(Field("Greeting")) + Field("Punctuation") + '</span>';

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Hi Josh,



This should get you started. You can put this in your OnRecordRule and it will return "Error" when a field is empty.



for (var field in FusionPro.Fields) {
   result = Field(field);

   if (result == "") {
       result = "ERROR"

  FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable(field, result);




More information about this can be found in these threads:





UPDATE: This doesn't appear to work to replace fields placed in rules. I will see if I can find a solution unless you or someone else beats me to it. (c:




Hope this helps.



- K

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