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Requisition email notifications across multiple groups


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Has anyone experienced a situation where a requisitioner belongs to multiple groups, and those groups have different approver email addresses. In this case will both addresses receive an email notification when the requisitioner places an order? I haven't had a chance to try this myself, and am wondering if somebody has already come across this scenario.


John Smith – Requisitioner

Groups: International Marketing, Field Marketing

International Marketing – Group

Approver Email: intl-approvers@example.com

Field Marketing – Group

Approver Email: field-approvers@example.com

When John Smith orders a product, does an email notification get sent to both intl-approvers@example.com and field-approvers@example.com??

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Hi Frank,


The system does allow users to be in multiple groups, but if the groups have conflicting settings, then the user may get conflicting behavior. This information is outlined in our FAQs, here is an excerpt:


List type settings such as Visible Catalog Nodes which allow multiple values to be selected will result in cumulative values, e.g., if one Group can see 3 Products in the Catalog and the other Group can see 5 different Products, a User belonging to both Groups will see all 8.

For all other settings that have specific values, the system cannot choose which value to assign to the user, so it will select the value randomly. For e.g. If one Group has the setting “Catalog” for Launch Page and the other Group has “Home”, the system will randomly select either “Catalog” or “Home” for the launch page for the User belonging to both Groups.

It is always recommended to test a User that is affiliated with more than one Group to assure the desired set up is working.



So, if the user is in multiple groups that have different approvers, only one approver will receive the email notification, and which one will be determined randomly.



Hope that Helps!

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