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What can Expressions Producer actually handle?


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Our sales department with their "Ready, FIRE, Aim" mentality has just dropped this bomb on me ... we have a "signed contract" to produce a monthly mail project that is between 400-700 thousand pieces per month. Each mail piece is to contain a personalized graphic with the recipients name placed somewhere within ... side of a boat, side of a house, in the sand or whatever the client wants. I thought no problem for FP Expressions except WE currently don't have that module of FusionPro. I would like some answers from those of you out there that DO use FP Expressions that could give me some help with this. I realize that the Desktop/Creator version is totally out of the question for this sort of volume but ...


What level of volume could the mid-level Producer version handle as compared with what the full Server version could?


Anyone willing to share actual quantities of prior projects?


What would be the average time for a full composition of those two version levels given the quantity specs from above?


How much storage on a server would probably be necessary for this?


How much RAM memory?


Would more RAM memory or storage space be of any benefit in increasing the speed or composition?


Does FP Expression only do the images and then those images have to be read into a second iteration of FusionPro to merge it with the actual mail-piece art to produce the final imposed, batched and printable output PDF file? Or can FP Expression also merge the data file and produce the entire postcard ... imposed, batched and ready for print?


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