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Can you Select Multiple VI Boxes in Fusion Pro?


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Most of our work is post cards & given to us a High Res PDF's. We have a a pretty simple work flow.


We Import the Def file from a previous job.

Copy the VI boxes from a previous job

import the new spread sheet.


The only sticking point is we have to copy each box separately. I can't for the life of me figure out how to select more than one box and grab it.


It's not bad on a post card but, we have a ticket job with 30 VI elements on the page. Previously we did this using PrintShop Mail.




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Thank You!


I've been trying key combinations and thinking I was missing something. That worked like a charm.


Do you know if you can grab two or more VI boxes and move them? Sometimes we have the barcode in a separate box from the address and it would be nice to nudge them at the same time.

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