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Working with themplates


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Sorry, I think I posted it in the wrong spot before so there may be a duplicate.


I have postcards that require a picture and the agents name to go into certain areas. But the areas for each postcard is in a different spot. I believe I have a body setup correctly and a template page for each version of the postcard with the picture and name. My problem is that I am not understanding the rule that I need to make it work properly. I need to used the "TEMPLATENAME" in the csv file.


Can somebody help me understand the rule that needs to be created. I have attached a test file with all the resources needed. I will end up adding another 10-12 more version of the postcard that have the information in different spots.




weekly test.zip

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I think you're trying to use repeatable templates. Which might be beneficial in this project, but I would do them in reverse, with the address block being the repeatable template, and create a new page for each version of the postcard.


Simply add pages and name them the version code, and set the page to unused. Create a OnRecordStart rule to activate the necessary page


FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("TEMPLATENAME"), true);


Create a new template page with the Addressing information, and return it with a text rule

return new FPRepeatableComponent('address');


See attached modified PDF. If you wanted to keep down on your way you could just modify the "addressBlockAndIndicia" rule to your liking to return the template page you need.

Postcard PreSort Mktg test.pdf.zip

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