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Pulling in PDF pages


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Good morning,


I have a rule that I need a little help on.


The client is sending us one very large pdf file and I need to split it into single record pdfs by the page count in their data.


Record 1 would be pdf pgs 1-6

Record 2 would be pdf pgs 7-10

Record 3 would be pdf pgs 11-12

Record 4 would be pdf pgs 13-16

Record 5 wuold be pdf pgs 17-22



Only using the "Count" column in the data, I have Record 1 working using the "graphicRuleNeedsHelp" rule. I just can't figure out how to add the previous record page Counts to the current record page Counts to get the start and ending numbers on the subsequent records.


NOTE: I have a rule, "graphicRuleWorks" which works correctly because I added 2 columns to the data with formulas to get the "start" and "end" pdf pages. I can use this rule, however, I would rather just use their "Count" column they supply.


I'm uploading the collected file for a visual.


Thanks in advance,



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In JavaScript Globals add


var gCount = 1;


Change your rule to:


var result = [];
var r = CreateResource("test.pdf", "graphic");
var count = StringToNumber((Field("Count")));
var record = CurrentRecordNumber();

for (var p = gCount; p < count + gCount; p++)
   r.pagenumber = p;

return result.join("<br>\n");


OnRecordEnd Rule

gCount = gCount + StringToNumber(Field("Count"));


If you need to start at a different page number in the source PDF than 1, just change the value in the javascript globals.


Also, in the files you uploaded you'll need to assign the second page the type of "Overflow" in Page Usage.

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Hi Scott,


Thanks for getting back to me.


I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing (or not doing), but the output isn't working correctly. I may have not explained it clearly the first time. I'll attach screen captures ... sorry, they're BIG screen captures.



This is how my output looks now with the new rule ...







This is what I need ...






Thanks again,




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