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Conditional visibility with cascading drown down UI rules


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Hello, and thanks in advance for any help.




I'm trying to build stationary items that have addresses all over the world. The user wants to pick the continent and then have the drop down list of those locations appear. When they select the location, the address will automatically populate based on the cascading drop down UI rules in place.



I made a shared library called "Continents" that includes the continents, and linked it to a drop down list (library) in Form Display. Once they select what locations they want, the appropriate list of locations will appear based on conditional visibility rules.



I've tried two ways. First was to create libraries for each location and link them to a text field which is in turn used for a cascading drop down on selection change UI rule. The FusionPro template had one variable for address and one variable for city, state, and zip, so the different location libraries were all linked to the same address and city state zip libraries. Well, it would only correctly display the addresses for whatever library was attached to the first cascading drop down on selection change rule. So if US was first and active, those would work, but then EMEA would all default to the first value in the list, despite having separate drop down rules for each address.




Second method was to add variables for each location in the FusionPro template, US address, EMEA address and so on, so that I could link separate location libraries to separate address libraries. Even thought it is set to suppress if empty, each address for each location is now populating, despite only selecting one in the preview.



Is there something I'm doing wrong, or another methodology you would suggest to make this work? As always, there's a push to get this completed as soon as possible, so I really do appreciate any replies. Let me know if further info is needed.

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