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Pull image from URL painfully Slow...


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Any way to speed up imposing? I can obtain the images to store locally, but they still seems to be taking a long time. Wonder if my rules are delaying the imposition speed... if that makes any sense?


i am open to suggestions... if i can do more in excel before fusion i will. Just need some direction. Never done anything this extensive before....


beers, weed (if legal), or dinner who ever gives me a real solution...




8Day_Letter-PROOF-2 SETUP.zip

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The image links aren't working for me, so I can't determine how much of an effect that's having on composition time. But, it seems all of the copyfitting you're doing is increasing composition time by a lot. A test of 100 records with your provided file was 24 seconds, and then 8 seconds with copyfit off.


Your Paragraph1 is the largest offender.


The other ones also don't help. Take a look at Dan's excellent A better CopyFitLine

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