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Load External Library of Fonts

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I originally posted this in the MarcomCentral forum, but I know not everyone has access to that forum. I also have a request into Marcom Support, but I am hoping that some of the FusionPro / JavaScript Wizards may have an idea if it is possible to load an external font into FusionPro. Any help, guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I am working on several templates where the user will be able to choose the font they want to use. I know how to do this on a small scale, but they want to be able to choose from 100+ fonts. Like loading an external javascript file, is there a way to load an external library of fonts hosted on a webserver?


The main goal of this is if the customer decides to add a font, I don't want to reload every template with the new font.


Any ideas or suggestions?


Note: I am not using the "Format Field" in the Marcom template setup. This will be a drop down field that works with a rule in the template.

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