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Has anyone been able to use Adobe TypeKit fonts with FusionPro?

From the reading I've done they are supposed to be available to the system (Mac 10.13.3), but I've got no idea where they are. I tried to run a "Load Fonts" in FusionPro....that yielded nada. :(


Somehow I'm getting images of Carnac the Magnificent tearing open an envelope and Carnac telling me of another fine problem brought to you by the minds of Adobe.....

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Hmmm....That's where I didn't have any luck as the fonts were already synced in TypeKit and working in the Adobe apps. It was after that I tried the Load in FusionPro and then the restart of FP and Acrobat. Thankfully the job was simple and I was able to just run it from InDesign.


Actually haven't had much time to investigate this further, but I think I'll be able to get back into it today. I did manage to find where Adobe puts the fonts so I might look into getting them working from there.:cool:

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If the TypeKit fonts were loaded correctly in your system, then you should be able to use them in other apps too. Have you tired other apps to see if you can use them there. If not, you might have an issue with the Creative Cloud.
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