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Positioning image over text


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I have a customer who would like a "hand drawn circle" around a paragraph. The paragraph can move on the page depending on lengths of variables in other paragraphs, so, i need to have the image move dynamically. I frequently use the code


return <'graphic file="sig.jpg">' for signatures, but, that pushes the text away from the image area.


What is my best bet for doing this?




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Is the paragraph itself variable? Would making the entire paragraph and the "hand drawn circle" that surrounds it an image suffice? It would be easier to offer a better solution if you could collect your template and attach it to the forum.
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As you can see, the person's name can be inside the circle. I know i will need to have a rule to determine which circle image to use, but, i am not sure where to even start to make this happen. It is also possible for a paragraph lower on the page to need the circle, so the start point for that circle would be different because of this paragraphs wrapping.

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