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Output to multiple files - stay unique


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I'm outputting to multiple files based on a Data field "AccountNo".


Problem is I can have 2 or more people with the same accountNo that live in the same location.


So is there a way to keep it unique and not overwrite itself.


Maybe add a "_1 or _2 or _3" depending on how many times the same account number comes up.


FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName = Field("AccountNo") + ".pdf";

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You could do it by tracking how many times each account number has been used by adding them to a global object:

JavaScript Globals

var accounts = {};



var FP = FusionPro.Composition;
var accountNumber = Field('AccountNo');
if (!accounts[accountNumber]) {
 accounts[accountNumber] = 1;
} else {
 accountNumber += '_' + ++accounts[accountNumber];
FP.OpenNewOutputFile(accountNumber + '.' + FP.outputFormatExtension);

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