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Job Direct File Name


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We use a large amount of automation in our production process. I have recently set up some Job Direct items and I noticed that the print file names generated by the portal have absolutely no connection to the job in any way. I also cannot find any data feed that would provide me with the file name that was generated.


It would be very helpful if the job ticket number was at the beginning of the file name so it could easily be associated with the job. We need that type of naming convention for our automated process to work.


Without that option we have to rename each file with the job ticket number before we process any jobs. This is time consuming and also allows for the possibility of an error if the wrong number is assigned to a file by this manual process.


Are there any solutions or a work around to get a job ticket number as a prefix to the Job Direct file name similar to the imposed file name for a versioned product.


Thank you.

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