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Repeat pages based on quantity in spreadsheet.


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I've been trying to figure out the best way to approach a new project.

I have a spreadsheet from the client that lists a store and the names of the provided art in columns. Under each art name is a number for the required quantity of each. I've attached the spreadsheet and a sample art pdf.


The goal is to create a multipage pdf with the correct pdf art and the Store Number and Location in upper right corner. The trouble I am having is figuring out have to Fusion Pro repeat the page based on the number in the spreadsheet. For example, I need 25 pages created with the GIFT17-1G graphic for store 286. Following that would be 5 pages with GIFT17-1I for the same store. And so on through all of the graphics and store.The idea is that the printer can just output one big pdf file without having to sort and punch in individual quantities.


My first thought was to create a table with 1 cell per page and have it populate through overflow pages, but I can't seem to figure out how to repeat a table cell based on specific number in my data. I may be way off with that approach, though.


Not sure if any of this makes sense, but any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Assuming your PDFs are named the same as your fields, you could create a text rule:

var result = [];
for (var field in FusionPro.Fields) {
 if (!/^Store/.test(field)) {
   var count = Int(Field(field));
   while (count--)
     result.push(CreateResource('/path/to/graphics/' + field + '.pdf', 'graphic').content);
return result.join('<p verticalstart="topofpage">\n');

And set the text frame to use an overflow page like you mentioned.

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