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Redirecting to different folders in the Catalog


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Is there a way to redirect a user to a different folder within the catalog?


For example: I might have a catalog folder called ITEMS and a subfolder in ITEMS called IMAGES. Then I might have a different folder in the catalog called RESOURCES with a subfolder also called IMAGES. I want the users to be redirected to the RESOURCES/IMAGES folder whenever they click on the ITEMS/IMAGES folder.


If this is possible, can you provide some steps on how to accomplish this?



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Try this:

In the folder custom content for the page you want redirected put this code:


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='https://marcomcentral.app.pti.com/company/corporatestore/catalog.aspx?uigroup_id=14765#&&/wEXBAUMSXRlbXNQZXJQYWdlBQIxMgULQ2F0YWxvZ1ZpZXcFATEFD1BhZ2VOdW1iZXJJbmRleAUBMAUIUGFnZU5vZGUFBzIxNDQyODYX9VKoiisQ2HtXuykAs6q9mgVqAg=='" />


If you go the the page you want the other folders to go to and inspect the page, you will get the address and replace your page address with what is bold in the code I provided.

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