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Checkbox Check by Default Request


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Is there a plan to have an option where the checkboxes of a Text MultiSelect Checkbox are automatically checked? I have a template that has a list of checkboxes and I want the user to uncheck the options they do not want.


I was able to do this with a jQuery script, but it would be nice to have the option built in to Marcom and possibly pick which checkboxes to have checked.


[font=Calibri]//Put in notes field in template field on Marcom. #FIELD is the name of your multiselect checkbox field
 [font=Calibri] jQuery("document").ready(function() {[/font]
 [font=Calibri]    setTimeout(function() {[/font]
 [font=Calibri]         jQuery("#FIELD_InputCell input:checkbox").trigger('click');[/font]
 [font=Calibri]    },10);[/font]

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