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Re: Attributes added to fonts


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Hi All.

I have a customer that just sent in a pdf file and they want variable data numbering done on coupons. Unfortunately, they extended the font by 125% and set the font tracking at -40. I normally place the pdf in InDesign and then export from there. I haven't had any luck with FusionPro keeping those attributes let alone loading the font I need. Can someone tell me if there is a way that I can use a manually extended/condensed font or if perhaps this works in a newer version? I'm using 9.2.31....Thank you!

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In the future you can make a rule that returns the following and place it in front of the text that needs to be adjusted:


return '<magnify type=setwidth factor=125>' + '<tracking newsize=-4>';


For some projects you just need to use the best tool for the job. Which might not always be FusionPro. Sometimes I use just plain old InDesign data merge because I know the benefit of matching formatting in FusionPro won't be worth the time savings.


Would be nice if we could get more advanced (and accurate) native format editing of type. Maybe the html5 app will have this functionality, or maybe a lot less.

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Thanks Scott. I tried making a rule but maybe I didn't do it correctly. On another note, I tried InDesign Data Merge and that worked great! Zero problems and really fast. With the amount of time we have to produce jobs for customers, it's great that we can fall back on other options if FP VDP won't work. Appreciate the help!
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