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Changing Color text based on form field rule


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I am having trouble getting text to change between two colors based on the value of a drop down form field. I am a bit of a newbie at Fusionpro but I am slowly learning. I have a document with variable banners that have text on top of the banner. The banner field options switch between black, blue, gray, green, white, and yellow. I want the text to change to white when the user selects the black, blue, gray, green banners and I want it to switch to black when the user selects white or yellow banners. Here is what I currently have:


if (Field("Banner") == "Blue" || Field("Banner") == "Black" || Field("Banner") == "Gray" || Field("Banner") == "Green")


return '<color name="White">' + Field("Banner Text") + '</color>';




return '<color name="Black">' + Field("Banner Text") + '</color>';



I have tried this and several other code strings but nothing has worked. I've read some other posts about this same issue but none of it seemed to work. When I upload the template into marcom, the text is all one color (black or white). I was hoping someone here would be able to help me out.


Thank you!

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When I upload the template into marcom, the text is all one color (black or white)


I thought that's was your intention? Your code seems like it should work to me. Does it work locally? Maybe the value of the "Banner" field is "yellow" as opposed to "Yellow?" You could try this:

var color = /yellow|white/i.test(Field("Banner")) ? "Black" : "White";
return '<span color="' + color + '">' + Field("Banner Text") + '</span>';

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