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FusionProTextMeasure Rule help


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Greetings all...


I have a javascript rule I am trying to create that I was hoping someone might help with a problem.

I have a business card that has a Name Line and a degree line. The user can choose up to 3 degrees, which will be separated by a comma. If the Degrees can fit on the Name line the customer would like to have it appear there. If all the degrees cannot fit on the name line together, all degrees should then be on the 2nd line. The script below is what I have so far. I have it pretty much working, except when the degrees go to the 2nd line. I am having a problem with commas and spaces.

Here is the 2 versions it should look like.

Mary Smith, CFO


Mary Smith



currently for the 2nd line option it appears

Mary Smith



here is the code:


var Name = [Field("Name")]

var Degree = [Field("Degree1") + Field("Degree2") + Field("Degree3")];

var result = "";

var test = "";


var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;

var frameWidth = 1.72;

tm.pointSize = "10 pt";

tm.font = "DINOT-Medium";

tm.useTags = true;


for (var p=0; p<Name.length; p++) {

if (Name[p] != "" + Degree[p] !="") {

test += Name[p] + Degree[p];


if (tm.textWidth < frameWidth * 7200) result += Name[p] + ", " + Degree[p];

else {

test += Name[p] + Degree[p];

result += Name[p] + "<br />" + (Degree[p] + ", ");





return Left(result,result.length);


Thank you in advance for the help if possible.



Mac OS 10.11.3

Fusion Pro 10.0.3

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var result = [
].filter(String).join(', ');

var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
tm.pointSize = "10 pt";
tm.font = "DINOT-Medium";
tm.maxWidth = 1.72 * 7200;

return tm.textLines > 1 ? result.replace(', ', '<br/>') : result;

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