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Help with Template Feature


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I am trying to reproduce the the catalogue example in Fusion Pro 5.12Pc on the Mac. I have created two 8.5 x 11 body pages and a template page to the size of my call in. I formated the template the same way the example is laid out in the user guide. I have a header with the item name. A placeholder for a graphic and a place holder for some description text. I have created a data file with the aforementioned information populated.


I have entered in the following:


return '<story copyhole = "Product Template">' + '<template name="Product Template" position="afterline">' +



When I preview my first record and have the vertical alignment set to center FP displays the template image twice and left justified. How can I repeat the template using my data, so that it displays three different items on the page and then Overflows to the next page.


Thanks in advance.


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