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Nope, don't see it. This is what I see:





I don't see a "web to print" forum anywhere, forgive me if I am blind, I tried to use Firefox's "find" feature, and highlighter; I still saw nothing...

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Craig, I just checked and you have been added to the user group for Web to Print. I'm not sure why you can't see it but, since you posted this in the forums, I'm going to ask anyone else who has requested to access the Web to Print forum to let me know if they see it or not.


In the meantime, let's figure out why you can't see it...


I'm going to ask a bunch of questions and I know the first couple will be really obvious but I just want to cover the bases. I am also going to ask that you try these one at a time, that way we can figure out which step worked and, in case anyone else encounters this, I can help them out faster.


So, first. Can you please log out and then log back in?

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