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I need a sheet of coupons that cycle through the list of coupons in a data file.

These coupons are 5 up and 3 across. They will need to continue if the group of coupons goes beyond 15 and continue until the data file runs out of records.


I am using Repeatable Components instead of Imposition because the Data Sheet name needs to be at the bottom of each coupon group and later chunked out by Data Sheet name.


I know how to code through items if using a key and external file but these don't really have any key items to go off of and some items may repeat themselves if there are multiple copies listed in the Data File.


I need help getting this file to display one copy of each record. Right now it displays a copy for the first record multiple times based on the "i <= #" part. The records really should loop until the end without me having to list a number.


Attached are sample files. We usually use .csv files but I had to upload the file as a .txt so you will need to relink the data file.


I'm only asking for guidance not a complete solution. I will continue to try to work through this on my own.



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