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Is JavaScript for FusionPro specific to the application?

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We have been creating JavaScripts for a number of years mainly by trial and error and by using the samples found in these forums. We have always wondered though if some of the elements in the JavaScripts for FusionPro are specific to the FusionPro application. In other words, are there certain codings and language, etc., that are only used in this application? I've been unable at times to find any reference to some of these codes/language outside of the program (or these forums) which makes it difficult to learn what their functions/uses are without some reference or explanation of their uses.


Is there a comprehensive master Language Reference available specifically for JavaScript for FusionPro? Thx.

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Yeah, JavaScript is classically used to interact/manipulate with the DOM in a web browser. Obviously, since FusionPro is not executed within the context of a web browser, there will be some differences between the code found on this forum and a generic JS related article found on the internet. That said, the syntax of the actual JavaScript code are the same across both.


The main difference is that FusionPro has supplied built-in functions and methods that allow you to interact with the FP plugin. The "Field" function, the "FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage" method, etc are specific to FusionPro and won't be found in an Angular app (for example). The "Functions" and "Objects" tabs of the "Building Blocks" dialog window define what most of those built-in functions do. But, if you're ever unsure of how a snippet of code found on this forum works, you should feel free to ask.

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